Azure Tutorial - Deploy A WordPress App

Azure Tutorial - Deploy A WordPress App

Azure is Microsoft's cloud computing platform. Azure is a continually expanding set of cloud services that help your organization meet your current and future business challenges. Azure gives you the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Purpose Create a WordPress website on Azure

Prerequisites Familiar with WordPress

Scenario Get started with the Azure cloud by creating and deploying a website hosted in an App Service.

Let's discuss some key concepts before diving in.

What is an App Service? When we need a new web server, we deploy a virtual machine, log into it, and set up something like nginx on Linux or IIS on Windows Server.

Deploying such an application comes with a lot of responsibility of managing that virtual machine, updating the O/S, keeping the web service binaries patched and up to date too.

This is where Azure App Service helps you focus on the things that matter by enabling you to build and host many types of web-based solutions without worrying about how to manage infrastructure.

Creating a WordPress Website

  • Sign up for a free Azure Account and get 12 months of free services
  • Sign in to the Azure Portal
  • In the top left of the Azure portal, select Create a resource

1 - Microsoft Azure.png

A resource group allows us to hold all the things that we need to create as a unit

This takes you to the Azure Marketplace On the search box type WordPress and select the first option

2 - Microsoft Azure.png

  • In the presented panel, select Create to begin the process to create a WordPress app.

3 - WordPress - Microsoft Azure.png

  • Fill your deployment information:
    • App Name (Choose a unique App name)
    • Database (select MySQL In App)
  • Select the App Service plan/location
  • Select Create new in the opened panel

4 - Spec Picker - Microsoft Azure.png

  • Enter a name for the new service plan and then select Pricing tier
  • Select the Dev/ Test tab and select the F1 pricing tier. Then select Apply

5 - Spec Picker - Microsoft Azure.png

  • Back to the New App Service plan panel, select OK to create the new plan and close the panel.
  • Finally, select Create button to start the deployment of your new site.

Let's see if everything works fine The deployment will take a few minutes to complete. To see the process of our deployment, select the notification bell, and select Deployment in progress

6 - Home - Microsoft Azure.png

  • Once the deployment status message change to Deployment succeeded. Select Go to Resource to navigate to the App Service overview.

7 - iroleh - Microsoft Azure.png

  • Find the URL in the Overview section, open the URL in a new tap and configure your new WordPress site.

8 - WordPress › Installation.png

9 - WordPress › Installation.png


  • Azure is a cloud computing platform from Microsoft that helps you move to the cloud faster, helps you save money with IaaS + PaaS (Infrastructure as a service and Platform as a service).
  • You can host a lot of web services using Azure.